Welcome to the registration page for MyTimeDesign Plus+.

I'm Francis Wade, and I'll be guiding you through the program, one step at a time until you complete it successfully.

I'm here to make sure you have an amazing experience.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to lift your life beyond the limits of time, talent, and habits so you can accomplish your dreams. 

I'll provide you the lessons listed below to get this done. They aren't about tips, tricks, and shortcuts. Instead, you will complete the training with a personalized, year-long sequence of simple productivity improvements.

They will launch your progress towards the 3 SuperPowers described at length in this video and in this article.

Here they are, in summary. 

You can count developing your skills in these three areas and use them to explore a life that's unlimited.

See you inside!

Course Curriculum

What's included?

1 Quiz
88 Texts
Francis Wade
Francis Wade

About the instructor

Hi, I'm Francis Wade, founder of 2Time Labs and the creator of MyTImeDesign Plus+.

I'm also the author of Perfect Time-Based Productivity, a graduate of Cornell University and a former member of technical staff at Bell Labs.

I live in Kingston, Jamaica where I relocated to in 2015 from Florida. I'm married to Dale, who is also my business partner.

To find out more about me, check my Facebook page or my long-form online biography!

I'm glad to meet you.

Send me a personal email so we can connect.


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