Are You Ready for a Deep Dive to Develop Your Self-Assessment Skills?

As a graduate of MyTimeDesign Rapid Assessment, you have already completed a quick diagnostic.

Based on the answers to a quiz, you gained some insights into the 13 practices used in task management. It gave you an almost instant understanding of how your skills compare.

As a first step, for someone who doesn't need to know the logic behind the quiz, it's a good first step. However, like all shortcuts, it may have left you with some questions.

- What is the logic behind each of the 13 quizzes?

- Is there research I can delve into?

- Is this the final assessment?

Without these and other pertinent questions answers, you may be left wondering. And as you gain more knowledge and practice in the 13 practices, your quest for answers should only increase. 

Now, imagine gaining access to the insides of each quiz - the inner logic. The fact is, each of them is based on a number of sub-skills, adding up to 65 in all. With a knowledge of each of them, you could do your own evaluation, without the help of a quiz.

When you understand where you are in each of these 65 sub-skills, you can define a precise plan of attack, as you may imagine from this example of a self-evaluation in Capturing which covers four sub-skills (Step 1).

As you see, "Bob" has even completed Step 2 which is to assign himself an overall belt in Capturing. (White is the lowest and Green is the highest.)

With all the evaluations complete, the improvement plan he makes is more precise than ever before. He's being surgical.

Also, with this in-depth knowledge, he's in a good position to help others. When they come to him for help, he can take a deep dive into their symptoms and help them understand the changes they need to make.

These are some of the benefits you'll gain from completing MyTimeDesign Plus+. 

At the moment, the programme is being updated but if you register for the waiting list, I'll let you know as soon as it reopens.


Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Start Here - Introductions

    • Your Personal Beginning

    • The Purpose of Your Program

    • Course Agenda and Logistics

    • Strategies for Success

    • Discussion Questions

    • Homework

    • Bonus Videos

    • Bonus Reading

    • Bonus Audios

  • 2

    Let's Start Improving!

    • Checklist - Are You Up to Speed?

    • Core Definitions

    • Putting Improvements Together

    • Too Hard? Too Easy? Some Advice!

    • Homework

    • Bonus Content - Time Demands

    • Bonus Reading - The Fundamentals

    • Bonus Videos

    • Bonus Audios

  • 3


    • Checklist - Hope you haven't skipped anything important?

    • Simulation - Bob Learns to Capture the Hard Way

    • Understanding Capturing 1

    • Which of the following are Automatic vs Manual Capture Points?

    • Understanding Capturing 2

    • Chart Instructions

    • Homework

    • Bonus Audios

    • Bonus Videos

  • 4

    Emptying and Tossing

    • Checklist

    • What happens after you Capture?

    • Emptying - The Biggest Challenge

    • Tossing

    • Homework

    • Bonus Videos

    • Bonus Audios

  • 5

    Storing and Acting Now

    • Checklist

    • Storing

    • Acting Now

    • Using The Practice Tracking Template

    • Homework

    • Bonus Audios

    • Bonus Videos

  • 6

    Scheduling and Listing

    • Checklist

    • Simulation - Brenda Returns from Vacation

    • Scheduling

    • Listing

    • Homework

    • Bonus Audios

    • Bonus Videos

    • Bonus Reading

  • 7

    Habiting -1

    • Checklist

    • Let's Start Habiting

    • Homework

    • Bonus Audio

    • Bonus Videos

  • 8

    Vacation, Holiday and Recess

    • Take a Big, Deep Breath!

    • Bonus Reading - Can Time Be Managed?

  • 9


    • Flow, Deep Work and Deliberate Practice

    • Homework

    • Bonus Videos

  • 10


    • Checklist

    • How to Manage Yourself in Time

    • Bonus Videos

    • Homework

  • 11

    Switching and Warning

    • Checklist

    • Quizzes/Evaluations in Switching and Warning

    • Switching

    • Warning

    • Homework

    • Bonus Videos

  • 12

    Reviewing and the Zero Inbox - 1

    • Checklist

    • Reviewing

    • The Zero Inbox - 1

    • Homework

    • Quiz/Self-Evaluation - Reviewing

  • 13

    The Zero Inbox - 2

    • Checklist

    • The Inbox Mastery Webinar

    • Mastering Your Email Inbox

    • Homework

  • 14

    Habiting - 2

    • Checklist

    • Habiting - 2

    • Homework

    • Bonus Videos

  • 15

    Pulling Everything Together

    • The Final Lesson

    • Bonus Videos

    • My Goodbye

  • 16

    Appendix of All Downloads and Forms

    • Printable Forms for All Fundamentals and Practice Tracking Template

    • Printable Component Chart

    • Online Forms to be Filled

    • Quizzes/Self Evaluations in the 7 Essential and 4 Advanced Fundamentals

    • Completion Certificate