Have you already made improvements to your task management to become more productive and preserve your peace of mind?

But have you noticed either a stall in your improvements, or even a return of some symptoms you already addressed in the past? Maybe…you don’t need more advice.

What it would be like to rediscover the momentum and excitement you had when you first started making improvements? Maybe you can make “The Switch” to a fresh approach

…without having to read a book, sit down for hours in a classroom or pay an expensive coach.

All you need is a way to pick up the secrets used by top performers like Serena Williams, Lewis Hamilton and Tom Brady. They don’t rely on entry-level “How-To Advice.” What do they do instead?

Let me introduce you to a method used in all my training, webinars and books for an audience of thousands since 2007. Now, you can use it to rediscover the thrill of learning a new skill - the same one used by top performers.

MyTimeDesign Rapid Assessment is a personal-insight training that comes with specially designed evaluations, lessons, forms and a community. Together, they help you pinpoint the most important improvements you need to make. Rapid Assessment starts with a quick, 20-minute self-evaluation that  profiles 13 behaviors in your task management system. You analyze your entire system as a complete unit for the first time, sparking new discoveries and areas of improvement.


“I felt that some of the scores I got were too generous... but in a way that was encouraging. I really liked the breakdown into the skills. That is very helpful.”

Catherine M.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You probably know from prior improvements that you can make positive changes to reduce overwhelm, handle more tasks and reach more of your goals. Therefore, you are always on the lookout for new ideas that can help you up-level your system.

However, you don't know where these improvements should come from.

You hate wasting your time chasing after "bright, shiny objects" i.e. social media ads, blog posts and webinars. They promise something new but only deliver old ideas. You are wary, because it’s getting harder to stay focused.

Time is short, but the number of practices and apps you haven't tried just keeps multiplying. At this rate, you can't possibly try them all. (Spoiler alert: you don't have to.) 

So how should you go about finding and implementing quality improvements to your task management?

Let's Try an Old/New Idea

So, you don’t want to conduct a tedious search for the perfect guru or app developer. You also stop realize the need to stop chasing after bright shiny objects.

But how do you find out what matters? 

Well, top performers like Hamilton, Williams and Brady do something different. They find innovative ways to analyze their current methods. It’s where they start.

But the analysis they need to do is highly nuanced. Unlike beginners, they analyze “whole systems”: an entire season, a match strategy, or sequences of physical movements  that repeat themselves over several hours.

Beginners can’t think at this level, and they aren’t to be found in basic texts. However, for complex achievements, “whole-system-at-once” analysis is a must.

If your task management proficiency has surpassed the beginner level, then you’re in the right place. Now, you must give up piecemeal methods that don’t use a “whole-system-at-once” approach.

How would your life transform if you could make a permanent switch from taking generic task management advice meant for everyone, to making targeted improvements?

How much time and effort would you save?

You shouldn't have to chase from one random recommendation to another, or pay for the services of an expensive coach. And you shouldn't have to (re)read entire books just to discover that the best answers come from inside, not outside.



It's a new way to up-level your task management so you can recapture the joy of making one meaningful change after another. 

Whether you are just starting out or have read every book there is, MyTimeDesign Rapid Assessment will transform the way you think about making improvements to your task management. It's based on the idea that the general  advice beginners get is different from the assistance experienced performers like Lewis Hamilton, Serena Williams and Tom Brady receive.

At the start of every improvement journey, people makes great gains. Anything they try seems to help. 

However, as they become more experienced, newbie advice doesn't apply. Now, they need to diagnose their current performance in order to make specific changes. Case in point: many hire expert coaches to help them cope with the Law of Diminishing Returns, in the hope of finding Pareto Improvements. You know, where small changes produce big results.

For advanced task managers, this law also applies. But instead of a personal coach few can afford, you can employ an automated assessment built around proprietary algorithms. 

MyTimeDesign Rapid Assessment takes you one step at a time through your first improvement cycle using the TSAM approach. How does it work?

Your Training

Step 1 - Assess your current performance in the 7 Essential Fundamentals, the 4 Advanced Fundamentals and the 2 Advanced Executables. (Capturing, Emptying, Tossing, Acting Now, Storing, Scheduling, Listing, Switching, Interrupting, Warning, Reviewing, Habiting and Flowing.) 

Step 2 - Interpret your results. Use the TSAM approach to understand your profile and begin to craft a Pareto Improvement Plan.

Step 3 - Request and receive feedback from other students (and me) on your assessments and plan.

Step 4 - Plan improvements. Make a final plan of improvement that covers at least three changes, on a timeline.

Take a deeper look at what's inside:

1: Automated Online Assessments 

Based on more than a decade of rigorous research, our assessment is built on a proprietary algorithm that has been automated for the first time. Within 20 minutes, your current profile is done, and your ranking is complete, from Bronze to Gold in each practice.

2. Fillable Forms

To track your progress, you'll receive an online master form. This will be your personal profile. I'll teach you the meaning of Pareto Improvement - small changes that make a big difference.

3. Guidance on Interpreting Your Scores

You'll learn the science behind converting a personal profile into an improvement plan, and why it's also an art form. I'll show you the profiles from past students to help you analyze the results of your own assessments. This is a first step in developing a lifelong skill.

4. Virtual Community of Learners. 

I'll invite you to join a private community of learners who have also completed their self-assessment. It's the best way to get immediate help in improving your implementation plan. (Your membership is good for one year.)

Plus these Bonuses

  • Bonus #1 - Bill's Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure

    $5 value

    This fable describes one man's journey as he discover the need to evaluate his own skills rather than try to copy other people's setups.

  • Bonus #2 - Semi-Annual Q&A Webinar on Self-Assessment

    $99 value

    This is the very best way to keep up with the latest happenings in the field of whole-system task management. I'm the host, but I may bring along the occasional guest speaker. You'll get to interact and ask questions, live. Plus, you can submit your queries ahead of time.

  • Bonus #3 - Individual Coaching Session

    $149 value

    For a limited time, you receive a 20-minute coaching call with me. Claim this bonus within the first three months of your membership in the community.

Does the MyTimeDesign Approach Work?

With MyTimeDesign Rapid Assessment you'll have everything you need to start your inner journey. With a complete plan based on individual insights, you'll always know which aspect of your system offers the best improvement opportunities (i.e. Pareto Improvements).

If I were to be your personal coach, my rates would start at $400 per hour.

I know that type of investment isn't possible for most people. But even if it were, there are no other coaches using our proprietary algorithm, assessment and "whole-system-at-once-approach." 

At the moment, this is the only way to pick up these self-assessment skills. Yes, it’s true that every accomplished person must become a self-diagnostician to make progress. However, this is the first approach that brings this fact to the common challenge of task management.

The complete value of everything in this program exceeds $480 but you can get it today for just $59.

Not sure about you, but I sometimes feel a bit nervous about buying things for myself online, especially if I don't know the person well! I want you to feel great about your purchase, which is why I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

While I can't promise you specific improvements, or a jump to the Gold level of performance in a specific time frame,  I can guarantee that you will transform the way you think about improving your task management forever. Your Pareto Improvement Plan will be the evidence. Plus, you'll be safe from the temptation  of "bright shiny objects" so you can make faster progress!

If you purchase MyTimeDesign Rapid Assessment and aren't 100% satisfied with what you find inside, just send me a message from https://ReplytoFrancis.info within 30 days of your purchase and I’ll refund your money.  

Total Value: $480

Yours for Just $59.


Hi, I'm Francis Wade,

I'm an author and management consultant, plus a teacher of task management and time blocking for over two decades. A Cornell B.S./M.Eng. in Operations Research, I spent the first part of my career at the famous AT&T Bell Laboratories in their Systems Engineering Department.

Using what I learned at Bell Labs, I started doing the research for this training in the early 2000's in live classrooms. I gathered data from my students and from academic journals to write Perfect Time-Based Productivity. It eventually became an Amazon.com time management top 10 best seller.

I did all this while teaching research and statistics at the MBA level in one of the first online universities. Exposure to the challenge (and benefit) of remote teaching led me to create the secret algorithm at the heart of this training.

Nowadays, I host the Task Management and Time Blocking Summit( 2021 and 2020). Also, I am a regular guest on the Productivitycast podcast, plus other conferences and webinars.

People who hear my accent ask "Where are you from?", which is a bit complicated to answer. I was born on Cape Cod in Falmouth, Massachusetts, but I spent my early years in Kingston, Jamaica. While I live on the island now, I spent 20+ years between New York, New Jersey and Florida. I have also visited every state on the east coast.

Given my focus on helping Type A personalities, I readily admit to my fair share of those tendencies. Being married has toned things down a bit (plus a lot of  coaching) but I haven't lost the Type A habit of creating lots of tasks, in line with some pretty big commitments. As I share in my book, I had to make several pivots to keep up.

If you're someone who also cares about improving your system of task management, and being more productive, join me on this journey!

It would be my honor to be your partner.


MyTimeDesign Rapid Assessment is right for you if... 

- You have made past improvements in your task management and want to grow your self-assessment skills.

- You are a (somewhat?) Type A personality who keeps setting ambitious goals.

- You can see a connection between setting your goals, crafting projects, and giving yourself lots of tasks.

- You're ready to give up the time, effort, energy and frustration spent re-reading old, generic materials or searching for solutions from external sources. You're ready to take an inside-out approach instead.

Do you have questions?

  • What level of experience do I need to have?

    The assessment is designed for folks at all levels. Most have never completed a profile of this nature and therefore don't have a knowledge of which fundamentals or executables they should be improving. As such, anyone can benefit from performing a self-evaluation and doing an analysis of the results.

  • Are there any prerequisites?

    No there aren't. You may decide to further your knowledge in this area, but it's not required to start this program and benefit from it.

  • ​What should I do if I have issues accessing my purchase?

    Contact me at https://ReplytoFrancis.info

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Yes, there is a 30 day, 100% refund policy.

  • Do I need to use a specific software or website platform for this to work?

    A standard Windows or Apple PC is the best choice. While a tablet or smartphone will work for most functions, you may run into obstacles.

  • I am brand new to task management. Will this work?

    Yes, every single person has a task management system they currently use...even if they are new to the idea. You may be surprised at what you already already have in place. It will be quite a discovery!

  • Where can I get my questions answered?

    Use my contact form at https://ReplytoFrancis.info

Total Value: $480

Yours for Just $59.